Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Predicting your future from past reports

You, as a security consulting customer, have a relationship with your security vendor. However, your vendor could be providing you with more value then you may currently be receiving in your partnership. For example, one thing Immunity does with our repeat customers is that we review the entire years worth of assessments and find patterns that can say surprising things about the enterprise.

In order to do this I take every deliverable that Immunity created from that year and extract the details about all of the vulnerabilities found and create a master list of findings. Then using the information gathered from the master list, I prepare a presentation for each our clients which provides a years worth of results in a quick and easy to read format. A sample of the information you can expect to receive is:

A sample comment can be "You only had a few denial of service issues, but if you remember, those were all critical issues that could end a business line."
I then review the presentation with the client and answer questions such as:
•What kinds of engagements did Immunity work on over the course of the year (i.e web applications, custom software, third party assessments, etc.)?
• Are there repeats of the same type of vulnerabilities across different platforms/applications and if so where and how much does it appear and what is the threat level?
This is obviously a chart from a full year...if you have 39 critical findings from one engagement then you are splitting vulnerabilities up with too much granularity.
•What percentage of vulnerabilities found were critical, high, moderate and low. How does this compare to prior years?
•Do the majority of the vulnerabilities come from third party applications or from in-house developed applications?
An example conversation that I may have with a client when discussing the annual recap is that it appears that they got a hold of cross-site scripting vulnerabilities but SQL Injections still remains a problem when compared to the previous years. Or perhaps that every application that does high-frequency trading has huge amount of consequential vulnerabilities (a.k.a - this is a risky business line so do you accept the risk to gain the reward to do you search for another product?).
If your security vendor is not providing you with this value then you are missing out!

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